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Writing & Reconnection: September

This is the month that I burned out properly.

As alluded to in both August’s update and July’s update, as of late I’ve just been socially and mentally exhausted.

That exhaustion reached its peak this month, not helped by the several periods of travel and obliged socialisation I’ve had in the last month and a bit.

These are all things I find much more tiring than most (woo brain stuff) and at the midpoint of September, I had reached my limit. I’ve been on annual leave since then and have really just relished having time to just be quiet and do nothing substantial.

A robot bat dabbing.

Said leave was pre-planned and just coincidentally well-timed. Good job, past beeps.

So, uh, that’s kinda just it. I haven’t written anything meaningful, I’ve not reconnected with anyone other than some colleagues I would rarely speak to normally.

There’s not been a whole lot of success in the themes as of late, and that’s okay. Yearly themes are there to serve as a guide, not a goal. I don’t have to achieve anything if I don’t want to, and any progress is still forward improvement.

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