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A colophon is a short section you can find at the back of some books, giving some details about the creation of the book. I quite like making these for some of my websites, as a little exercise in being thankful and giving some link love to the open source projects and individual contributors that helped make it happen.


This website was built by me, beeps. The code for this site is open source and available on GitHub.

I use the static site generator Eleventy with the following plugins:

Markdown content is parsed by markdown-it with the markdown-it-anchor plugin.

Code is highlighted using highlight.js using a custom theme.

The Eleventy screenshot service is used to generate OpenGraph images.

Certain aspects of the code, in particular the CSS architectural style, is cribbed from GOV.UK Frontend—a project I now work on!—which itself is a modified version of ITCSS. Spacing and type scales were generated using Utopia. Sass and PostCSS are used for CSS generation.

Prettier is used to keep the code beautiful.

Hat tips to the following folks for contributing something that currently exists in the site’s code: Brian Mitchell, Juneum, Rob Hudson and Zach Leatherman.


Type is set in Space Grotesk designed by Florian Karsten and Space Mono designed by Colophon Foundry.

Tools and services

I use Panic’s Nova as my code editor of choice, accompanied by iTerm, Oh My Zsh and the Powerlevel10k theme.

This website is hosted by Opalstack, who have obscenely good customer support.

Domain names (of which I have too many) are managed by Namecheap and Glauca Digital.


Words and images are my own, unless otherwise specified.

This website also implements fursona schema, just in case it wasn’t furry enough.


An amphimorpho smiling happily.

Ash the amphimorpho is an original character based on the amphimorpho species created by Tuxedo Dragon.

Ash’s headshots were illustrated by Caius Nocturne.

A robot bat looking and waving at you.

Emy the robot bat is an original character, designed by me with help from my friend Samael.

Illustrations of Emy are by me, unless otherwise stated, and are based on the art style of the game Super Animal Royale by Pixile Studios, which is really fun.