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About beeps

My name is beeps, with or without an uppercase ‘b’. I also go by Kim (or Kimberly) Grey in other contexts, but I prefer you call me beeps.

I have an alterhuman, machine identity. I don’t relate well to my physical humanity, which is a source of significant dysphoria. Relating myself to machines, and robots in particular, helps alleviate some of that.

I’m agender. I don’t consider myself to be female, male, or anything in-between. I use it/its pronouns.

I’m asexual and don’t experience physical or sexual attraction. This doesn’t affect day-to-day life that much, but it’s still a reasonably important part of who I am!

I’m a furry. I’ve been in the furry fandom for over half my life and I owe it a lot for giving me the skills and experience I have today. I try to give back where I can.

And, of course, I make websites. I’ve been doing web development as a hobby since 2003 and for money since 2012. I do a lot of bits and bobs, but have come to specialise in front-end development, accessibility, design systems and the semantic web.

You can contact me (or stalk my socials) through a myriad of websites.