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About beeps


My name is beeps. I also go by Kim, but in more casual settings I prefer that folks call me beeps.


I don’t consider myself human. Rather a transhumanist or posthumanist. I don’t relate well to my physical humanity.


I’m trans and agender. I don’t consider myself to be female, male, or anything in-between. I use it/its pronouns.


I’m asexual. This doesn’t affect day-to-day life that much, but it’s still a reasonably important part of who I am!


I’m neurodivergent. I deal with a lot of anxiety and my brain works a little differently to most. I can struggle to operate in some situations.


I’m a furry. I’ve been in the furry fandom for over half my life and I owe it a lot for giving me the skills and experience I have today.


I host a plural system. My subconscious decided to say hello and told me their name is Olive. We get on rather well!


I make websites. I’ve been doing web things since 2003, coming to specialise in front-end development, accessibility, and design systems.


I’m in a bunch of other places. Chat or stalk me on a bunch of other websites, if you want.