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Writing & Reconnection: August

August was notable, in some twisted way, for its simultaneous abundance and complete lack of success in meeting my themes for 2023.

On the one paw, I travelled a bit, I saw people I don’t tend to see often, I wrote fiction and non-fiction into various states of completeness.

On the other paw, I didn’t travel more than I was really required to do, I failed to see people that I wanted to see, and some writings I wanted to put to digital paper just never left the cyber fountain pen.

I suppose that means it was a decidedly average month, but still I find myself somewhat agitated and listless. I can’t pin down why or what, exactly. I’m contented, but nothing more than that.

Year of Writing

The main work of note is that I ‘finished’ and published a piece on the nature of fursonas and how I approach my own, something that’s been on my mind as I find myself mid-transition with how I present myself within the fandom.

I say ‘finished’ in quotes because, well… when I write about my life and my identity, I’m telling a story. I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to write decent introductions and explanations, but the endings always feel like they tail off into rambly messes. Two of the three most recent blog posts ended in that way, and the third didn’t have a conclusion at all.

That kinda makes sense. They are ongoing sagas that have no definitive end, but the objective writer in me knows that’s traditionally bad form and it leaves a bad taste in my mind-mouth, and I find myself rather struggling to write blog posts as a result.

Year of Reconnection

The relative social burn-out described in July’s entry has pretty much persisted.

I’ve certainly had some fun social hangs both in-person and online over the last month, I can’t say I’ve been anything more than mildly energetic at any of them. Even if I’m otherwise occupying myself with some thing or another and not actively participating in most conversation, it’s mostly it’s just nice to lounge in the company of others.

Some connections maintained, but not a whole lot to say for reconnection this month.


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