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Ash the Amphimorpho
reference sheet

A quadrupedal mammal-like creature with a very long body and tail, long rabbit-like ears, cat-like legs and paws, and a mess of hair covering one eye. It's coloured a mix of black and white, except for neon green inner ears, paw pads and hair highlights, along with a gooey green tail tip. It's bounding forward on all four legs, yapping excitedly.

(Actual reference sheet coming early 2024.)

Artwork by Tuxedo Dragon. More art examples available upon request.

Hair, legs, shoulders, rear, top of tail.

Mid torso, chest, paws, bottom of tail, face, outer ears.

Hair tips, eyes, exposed skin (paw pads, inner ears, tongue), tail tip.

Basic info

Name Ashley “Ash” Altmann
Species amphimorpho
Age somewhere in the 20s
Gender female presenting (biologically genderless)
Pronouns she/her
Orientation asexual


Ash is a former human who was infected by and transformed into an amphimorpho, a genetically engineered chimeric species created through combining the DNA of various Terran species with alien genetic material.

Amphimorpho are very large, relatively light creatures. In this form, Ash is around 3 metres long from snout to tail tip (1.75 metres of which is just the tail) and weighs around 115 kilograms.


As an amphimorpho, Ash has enhanced senses and is capable of shapeshifting and accelerated healing.

Although she can manipulate her density when shapeshifting, Ash cannot become dramatically larger or smaller than normal. Both shifting and maintaining a shifted form requires energy and concentration. Unless she has imprinted DNA from a biological being, she can only reproduce the outside appearance of something.

As a mutant amphimorpho, Ash is a carrier of the amphimorpho virus and can transmit it to others.

Alternate forms

Ash's basal form can change in size, proportions, have four or six limbs (two or four “arms”) and have a stomach pouch. She can freely adapt to walking on two, four, or six legs.

Ash can change the physical composition of her form, for example, to become a pooltoy or plush toy. She is able to alter her fur pattern and colours at will.

Outside of her basal form, Ash will normally shapeshift to appear as a human, bat, or domestic cat.

Common mistakes

Facial features

Amphimorpho have snouts but no nostrils. Their sense of smell is more similar to that of a snake, with olfactory sensors in the roof of the mouth, and their tongues assist in smelling.

Also quite similar to snakes, amphimorpho tongues are forked at the end. They have prominent upper and lower canine teeth, though these are usually only visible when the mouth is open.

Skin and blush colour

The visibly green parts of Ash's body are bioluminescent and glow softly in darkness.

Similarly, Ash blushes green. Don't ask exactly how, as she doesn't have a circulatory system in the first place.


Ash's paws have four toes. Typically, these work as a single unit (e.g., when walking); however, one of these toes can operate as an opposable thumb for gripping objects.

Downstairs parts

Amphimorpho are biologically genderless and do not have sexual organs.

Ash doesn't have a digestive system in any traditional sense. Therefore, she doesn't have a need for a butt or buttocks and should not be portrayed with them.

Ash is not magical

Ash is not magical. She cannot do spells, float, or fly. I have no idea where people got this idea, but it's come up more than once.