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Writing & Reconnection: June

Whoops. Missed the deadline on this one a bit.

June and the general post-ConFuzzled period can best be defined with two words: con crud. I felt physically awful for virtually the entire month, which led to a general downturn in productivity and the cutting back of social obligations. Tightening purse strings and some dramatic turns in one of my social circles similarly tampered any chances of social spontaneity.

Still, I got some things done. So, for the record, here they are.

Year of Writing

Last month I introduced y’all to Ash, my new co-fursona. I’ve been wanting to write up a post about my changing relationship with the characters I use to represent myself, but the words have been hard to lay down. It’s a work in progress.

In an effort to get something out, I took an admittedly lower-effort piece from my backlog and wrote some random thoughts about how this very website is built instead.

And that’s about it, really, unless you count an encyclopaedic article about some fictional birds.

Year of Reconnection

Despite the aforementioned barriers to being social in person, this has generally been quite a good month for social activities online.

I’ve tried participating in more online events, attempting to get over social anxiety and vocal dysphoria to just… talk to people. In voice calls. Just like on a phone. Wild.

I’ve also been making a more conscious effort to reach out to people and be the one starting conversations, something my anxiety historically also prevents. This has been rather helped by a slew of folks I know creating new Discord servers or signing up to Mastodon (who can say why), giving ample opportunity to (re)introduce myself and drum up some chatter.

And I went to Pride Cymru despite being ill as heck. It was fun.


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