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About beeps

I don’t have a gender

I am agender. This means that I do not consider myself to be female, male, or anywhere on the gender identity spectrum. It’s considered to be a form of non-binary gender identity.

This is because I find gender to be irrelevant to how I perceive myself, live my life or interact with others.

Pronouns and titles

I use it/its pronouns.

I’m conscious that many people feel uncomfortable using it/its pronouns as they consider them to be dehumanising, but given I do not identify as human, I hope that people try them out.

If you’re still uncomfortable with using it/its, then use singular they/them.

I use the gender-neutral title ‘Mx’.

In contexts where the gender binary is foolishly being enforced, I use she/her pronouns and the title ‘Ms’.

Transgender status

I consider myself to be transgender—as my gender identity is not what was assigned at birth—and I take hormones with the intention of developing a more androgynous physical appearance.


I first publicly described being agender in 2013, in “On Gender and Sexuality”. As a part of this I started experimenting with my gender presentation and using alternative pronouns.

More than a year later, I started identifying as a transgender woman, on the basis of my physical dysphoria and because I found feminine gender presentation to be more satisfying than masculine presentation. I adopted a new name and she/her pronouns at this time.

However, over the following years, my comfort with feminine gender presentation started to wane. Following my exploration into machine identity, I returned to identifying as agender and explicitly using it/its pronouns.