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Writing & Reconnection: February

February, perhaps congruently with it being the shortest month, has not lent itself to productivity.

I spent nearly half of the month bogged down with the flu, and even after recovering I mainly just wanted to catch up on the ‘relaxation’ part of the prescribed ‘rest and relaxation’. It turns out that feeling like a waddling bag of mucus is not particularly relaxing.

A robot bat dabbing.

New series of Aggretsuko, Battlebots and Drive to Survive also dropped on Netflix this month and, c’mon, I’m only non-human.

Year of Writing

I got a nice bit of tech-adjacent, project-adjacent writing out early in the month with “Building a bat bot”.

It didn’t seem to pick up much traction outside of the odd comment about how novel it was to use GitHub Actions to run a posting bot, but it’s not as if views were ever my goal with writing—I don’t even run analytics on this site.

I did some light rewriting of the about pages of this website too.

Other than that, it’s just been light drafting and planning for future works. Not a whole lot more to report, really!

Year of Reconnection

In a word: oof.

In the more numerous words of Adele: I tried saying hello from the outside and, at least, I can say that I’ve tried.

I tried a few times to reach out to folks with whom I felt things had grown distant or rocky, and in all cases was either ignored after a short back-and-forth or blanked entirely. That sucked a lot, and it served to both totally screw with my social anxieties and badly poison the well for trying the direct approach again.

I don’t want to just give up on those relationships, but it certainly feels like some folks have already moved on, and boy does that hurt.

C’est la vie.


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    I really gotta standardise the arrows I use on t'website.

    Half of them are like → and half are like ▶ and it's driving me mad now that I've actually noticed it.