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Writing & Reconnection: April

Well, this month seemed to go by insanely fast.

It doesn’t feel like more than a week since it was April Fool’s Day and I was being sorely disappointed by how boring it is now. The Sonic the Hedgehog murder-mystery visual novel was basically the only funny thing anyone made this year. Kinda sad.

Anyway, happy First of May. On with the themes.

Year of Writing

Writing across all sectors has slowed down a bit compared to last month’s whirlwind of stuff.

A little bit of fiction got written, but nothing finished.

A couple of blog posts about user stylesheets and one of the ways that I use them went up, but these were taken from my backlog of drafts and mostly written some months ago.

And at work, my first DDaT assessment has finally been completed and submitted, after months of working on it.

Closer to home, I’ve been slowly (emphasis on slowly) planning out an introductory guide on web accessibility practices, aimed specifically at furries, because furry websites still have trash accessibility.

I’ve decided that it’s going to sit as a subsection of this website and update with new stuff periodically, a bit like a blog, but not quite a blog, and different from this blog. So easy to understand, I know.

No word just yet on when that might start visiting your peepers, but it’s happening!

Year of Reconnection

My social calendar was reasonably busy this month, especially at the start, which saw four out of five straight days having social occasions (furmeet, birthday party, team day, Super Mario Movie premiere) broken up only by the workday.

The one day that didn’t involve planned socialisation instead involved a 90-minute train journey taking over four hours, not arriving into London until after 11pm, and (probably) being scammed out of some cash. So… that was still a day of sorts.

The rest of the month had only a couple of hangs. Quite quiet, by comparison.

Still, I think this is fine. ConFuzzled, certain to be my biggest social event of the year, is in a few short weeks. For six whole days, I’ll be hanging out with a mixture of familiar friends and folks I’ve hardly seen or spoken to in a decade (eek!), so saving up some social battery for that is probably a good idea.

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