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There… really aren’t any.

Absolutely no notable progress has been made on the transition front over the last few months. I’ve not even bought any new clothes, despite some of my older (male) ones being ravaged by moths.

I’m starting to really suspect that my GIC referral was never actually made, having now gone some 13 months without hearing anything at all. That’s kind of saddening, but I’m kind of hesitant to call out my GP on failing to do what I asked of them.

On the plus side Bristol Pride happened the weekend just gone, and as always it was quite fun to dress in my neat little skirt and hang around without worry of being confronted for it. It’s really makes such an big difference to my self confidence knowing that.

Also I got my greedy mitts on a trans flag wristband to complement the rainbow one I got last year. Just a little something to remember myself by.

I guess for now I’ll just be plodding along.