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All quiet on the western front

Alas, nothing really to report. Nothing heard from doctors or clinics, not come out to anyone new, no huge progress on the family front, not bought any nice clothes; I’m basically at a standstill for the time being.

I’ve not even presented publicly for a while (barring a single day last week). All the women’s clothing I have is decidedly summery, and it’s quite nippy now that the weather’s turning cold. I intend to procure some warmer clothing soon.

Things shall hopefully be picking up soon though. Months back I postulated that I should get a week off work and have a “Kim week” where I could just relax, be myself, and probably treat myself a bit—that’s happening in a couple of weeks, so hopefully that’ll go well.

I’ve also been helping a few other friends who are now questioning their gender identity. Other than that, business as usual. I suppose that’s it for now.