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Covid sucks, but you should already know that

At the end of May, for the first time since 2022, and for only the second time since the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic occurred, I caught Covid-19.

And whilst the memory of it may be fading for some of you, I’m here to remind you, from my own personal experience: having Covid still sucks.

Despite having all of the vaccinations permitted for my age group and level of health, it kicked my arse pretty hard for several days.

I was constantly sweating, constantly dehydrated, dizzy, coughing, unable to eat anything without throwing it up. My only respite from it all being sleeping for 16 or more hours a day.

Even now, nearly a month later, I’m still occassionally coughing, my breathing is still shallower and occassionally difficult.

And with it comes the brain fog. I recall it lasting for quite some time after I was ill in 2022, and it has returned again this time around too.

It makes concentration difficult, and as it stands, pretty much all of my concentration spoons are going into the day job—and even then, not super successfully, I’m definitely a lot more distracted and listless than I would like.

So I can only apologise.

The Frontend Forum blog series will continue at some point, but it may be some time before it does. Apologies to the people who submitted questions for how long that might take.

I’ve ended up with an extensive backlog of alt text submissions for bat-bot that I need to work through. Apologies to the folks who have put in their submissions and not heard anything for some time.

I have a handful of other projects involving others that have also had to take a backseat for now. Sorry for that, too.

It hardly ever gets reported on anymore, but it’s still circulating, it’s still mutating into all manner of new variants, and (in the UK at least) it’s become rather impractical to proactively avoid without locking yourself inside.

But Covid still sucks. Look after yourselves.