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Pre-emptive design for fun and productivity

A lot of famous individuals are well known for always wearing the same clothes. Usually they credit this to reducing ‘decision fatigue’—by not having to choose how to dress every day, it leaves more time to mull over the bigger decisions they have to make.

I don’t wear exactly the same clothes every day (though it’s rare you’ll find me wearing something other than jeans and a graphic tee), but when it comes to random side projects I do have a habit of thinking more about how it looks than how it works.

To remedy this, I’ve made ‘my brand’.

An animated GIF of Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect video games, lifting his arms into the air and shouting 'My brand!'

“My brand” is a loose collection of fonts and colours that are ready made for those odd-random-side-projects I occassionally bust out in a couple of hours or days.

If you often find yourself struck with decision fatigue or a frequent focus on form over function, I suggest giving it a try. Whip up a quick style guide, don’t worry about it being perfect and make sure it’s not too restrictive, and then just run with it for a bit.

There’s no reason it can’t evolve or be iterated upon as requirements demand, but you may just find dressing all your quick, little projects in the same clothes to be a real time saver.