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Artist checklist for drawing Ash the Amphimorpho

Amphimorpho are… not a particularly well known fursona species. Naturally, some people have made mistakes or incorrect assumptions when drawing Ash in the past.

In lieu of making you read the extensive reference guide for the species, I figured I should collect those common mistakes here.

This page is a supplement to Ash’s reference sheet. Go check that out if you haven’t already.


Facial features

Amphimorpho have snouts but no nostrils. Their sense of smell is more similar to that of a snake, with olfactory sensors in the roof of the mouth, and their tongues assist in smelling.

Also quite similar to snakes, amphimorpho tongues are slightly forked at the end.

They have prominent upper and lower canine teeth, though these are usually only visible when the mouth is open.

Ash’s eyes have green irises post-mutation, in both amphimorpho and human forms. Prior to mutation they are brown.


Ash’s hair is ‘dyed’ green at the tips. This is true regardless of what form she appears in. If depicting Ash pre-mutation, the tips are still coloured green, but the shade is much more muted.

Typically, Ash’s hair covers one eye. This is normally the one furthest from the ‘viewer’. This is really just a stylistic choice that I like, but it’s not a requirement.

Skin and blush colour

The visibly green parts of Ash’s body are bioluminescent and glow softly in darkness.

Similarly, Ash blushes green. Don’t ask exactly how, given she doesn’t have a circulatory system in the first place.

Amphimorpho ‘flesh’ is very soft and malleable, having texture and characteristics similar to memory foam.

Legs and paws

Ash’s paws have four toes. Typically, these work as a single unit (e.g., when walking); however, the outer two of these toes can operate as an opposable thumb for gripping objects.

When depicted with six legs, the middle pair of legs should be positioned closer to the forelegs.


Ash’s tail is very long, it is longer than her torso and makes up about 60% of her total body length.

The end of Ash’s tail is ‘goopy’ and semi-fluid. It is affected by forces such as gravity and momentum. Globs of it can become detached in response to movement.

Downstairs parts

Amphimorpho are biologically genderless and do not have sexual organs.

Ash doesn’t have a digestive system in any traditional sense and, in her basal form, will typically sit or lay down on her front. As such, she doesn’t have buttocks in amphimorpho form.

Shapeshifted forms

Ash can really look like anything when shapeshifted, but I like the idea that her irises remain luminescent green regardless of what form she takes (assuming the form has any eyes, anyway…)

When depicted as a plushie, Ash has a label attached to her tail with the silhouette of a bat on it.

When depicted as a pooltoy, Ash usually has handles attached to her back. (Valve location is TBD. Make it up if you want.)


Ash is not magical. She cannot do spells, float, or fly (at least, not without shapeshifting wings). I have no idea where people got this idea, but it’s come up more than once.